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'His reading gave me the confidence to move forward  again with my life, and in ways that I just didn't think possible,' Peter, Liverpool.

'I feel blessed to have had such an important reading during one of the most turbulent periods of my life,' Felix, Hamburg.

'My life is overflowing with colour and richness again after one of his creative recovery readings,' Belinda, Turin.


Explore the past, present and future today and open up exciting new doors of potential within yourself and in your life, with a private, empathic and indepth one-to-one reading with myself, or one of the other highly recommended guest readers featured on this site.

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  My Motivation

    My heartfelt desire is to get you back on track and where you want to be, so that you can reclaim your personal power again, and harness a greater clarity in your life - whether it be in relation to love, health, work, money & abundance, creativity, your personal life, or with many of the other myriad of challenges we face on a daily basis.

With a psychic card reading, my passion is to remind you of your special gifts, to help you reclaim the story of your unique ‘soul blueprint’ in this lifetime - to help hotwire you back into your creative power, your vital life force and inspirational self again - to empower to manifest the life that you always wanted, and help you navigate any blocks that little bit easier, to make strong and courageous decisions again.

And we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and our life, no matter how young or old, inexperienced or inadequate we may feel, or whatever background we are from or education we may have had - to feel enriched and abundant in our everyday lives, and to wake up every morning feeling bright-eyed and positive again, no matter what strange road we’ve currently found ourselves walking along. 

With an indepth 1-1 reading I hope to facilitate these profound life changes in a very real way - spark those important energetic shifts that enable you to move forward again on a clearer and higher frequency, and snap you out of any potential victim mode and firmly place you on the most positive path available, both joyful and expressive - helping you attract naturally and effortlessly the good fortune and breaks that you’ve always felt you’ve deserved - to let you be your own hero again!
I believe in you and look forward to reading for you. 

How much will it cost? 

One-One Readings - Face-to-Face or by Online/Mobile Video Link. 


(Approx 90 mins)


(duration approx 60 mins)


(duration approx 30 mins)


(mini-taster reading/ Q&A, duration approx 15 mins)


Online Written Reading consisting of audio commentary or written, with card pics sent directly to your phone - up to 3 questions (Facebook, Whats App, Telegram, Email)



Reduced rates for unemployed or low income* 
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Psychic/Spiritual party evenings 

 £30 per head/Host goes free (see services page for more details) 


Psychic Tour Guide

Half-day - £45
Full day rate - £90

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House Whispering/Energy Clearing

Day/Evenings - £60 (approx 2 hours)

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Full Space Clearing Service plus report

(An in-depth Full Geopathic Dowsing and Psychic Survey of your home or workplace, with electronic or hard copy, plus photos/video!) 


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Work for the NHS?
15 minutes absolutely free!

Payments via cash/PayPal/Stripe or direct transfer.

Payment Protocol:
Face to face readings - payment at venue, cash or electronic transfer.

After an online session date/time has been agreed upon the agreed sum for the reading will be sent by the sitter via the preferred payment method (see above) to the reader (myself or one of my guest readers) and on receipt of this agreed sum the time slot will then be booked in and guaranteed. If for whatever reason the reading does not go ahead on the fault of the reading party the full sum will be returned using the above protocol.  

 My own journey...

A warm welcome to my pages! 

My name is Nicolas, and I'm a natural clairvoyant medium and traditional card reader from Hampshire with over thirty years’ experience in the psychic field, complemented by having lived and worked in the holistic, creative and positive-living worlds since the early nineties. 

I have also worked in radio, film, newspaper and magazine journalism, stand-up comedy, written six novels, run spiritual events and development circles, as well as worked as a spiritual medium on an international platform. I have dowsed for many years too, offering a diagnostic as well as curative service for those who wish to improve their living and work spaces energetically, and been lucky enough to lead groups on psychic tours all around the world at inspiriing locations.

And with Romany blood lines running through my maternal family line, it became quickly apparent that Spirit had a specific, sometimes exciting and certainly always challenging life-path laid out for me from a very early age!

As a child, there always seemed to be some luminous presence lingering in the darkness, some benevolent soul hovering close-by desiring to make contact, or waiting patiently to be heard. Bed time was always challenging knowing that I was never really alone. And I knew that it was only a matter of time before those 'invisible ones' finally made themselves more fully acquainted.

My first major experience finally happened in the most dramatic of ways as a young teenager - whilst on holiday with friends at an old family home that held a long and mercurial past - which quickly unravelled into a full-blown poltergeist incident with moving furniture and light phenomena the longer we stayed there...

Undaunted and increasingly curious, I instinctively opened up to this beguiling world, wanting to discover more of the inherent metaphysical truths around us. This conscious path then propelled my spiritual journey forwards at lightening speed with many twists and turns, bringing me into contact with many wonderful teachers and situations over the years - offering precious insights into the worlds of card reading and telepathy, dowsing and space clearing, nature spirits and shamanism, past life regression and cosmic astrology, soul midwifery and crystal healing, and of course, the inspiring and magical world of clairvoyant mediumship.

     Today, at the core of my readings, I use the stunning Lenormand Cards, made famous in name by Madame Lenormand (a seer and oracle to the court of Louis XIV) - an eighteenth century Franco-German divination system derived from an amalgam of the traditional Playing Card and classic Tea-Leaf reading - a system which was lauded for its simplicity as well as its accuracy, and which is still in widespread use in Europe today.

Complementing the cards, I also employ mediumship to give 'proof of life' when required and any personal messages from loved ones from the other side that need to be shared, as well as use straight clairvoyance - seeing elements of your current life or future playing out in a 'movie reel' around you. When I'm not engage in readings I work as a paranormal investigator passing on any hidden histories from the residuals, or giving descriptions of spirits that are still active and would like to make themselves known...

I love to travel too, and am lucky to work as a spiritual tour guide, (https://www.wunderweltenreisen.de), visiting mysterious and beguiling places of interest around Europe and other places - decoding amazing megalithic cities hidden in the depths of the pine forests of Germany, or secretive step-pyramids standing proud in the sweeping valleys of wonderful Bosnia, all waiting patiently to be discovered and connected, with an open mind and heart of the spiritual pilgrim.

Good luck on your unique and sacred journey and I hope our paths cross soon...



To see some film of Spirit caught on film, please check out my Facebook Page/Nicolas Aurora...


The International Clairvoyant Network

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I just love to work with other Clairvoyants and Healers, so we have set up a reliable network to help you find the Psychic or Healer that fits your needs perfectly. So I am thrilled to recommend these wonderfully gifted people too, who I can all personally recommend from direct experience over many decades of giving quality readings.